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2019-2020 Members


* Families who gave an extra donation to the Boosters. 

Kimberly Anderson [Zack and Brody Dion]

The Baldus Family

Brad and Angie Bastian*

Jeff and Erin Baumgartner

Ty and Heidi Beck

Steve and Chris Beirne

Mark and Mindy Bennett 

Tracey Berman

Mike and Corrie Bjerke

Angie Bloyer*

Rod & Michelle Belville

Tracey Berman

The Boyd Family

Dave and Elaine Brickley

Sam Bronchetti

Joe & Megan Burvan*

Randy & Lisa Byrne

 Lisa Christensen

Christenson Family 

Cade and DeAnn Christiansen

Rich and Erica Clark

Brent and Denise Cochems

Jennifer Collingon and Gene Schaeffer

 Kathy and Scott Cooper

Mark & Kristin Couillard

Ron and Lani Denu

Steve & Joyce Dieter*

Mary and Randy Disch

Julie Eisele

Jay and Adrienne Elert

Danielle Engel

Tim and Chrissey Erickson*

RaeAnn and Boyd Fahey

Dawn Faris

Evan and Patty Fitzgerald

Jon & Sara Fishwild

Steve and Jennifer Folmer

Nicole and Dan Frank*

Bobbi Gable

Erin and Terri Gilbertson

Jameey and Sara Gragg

Genea & Chad Grossen

Jim and Dawn Helvig

Spencer and Jitayna Hermanson

Higgins Family*

Michael and Kara Hoelker

Jason and Jodie Holtman

Angie & Dave Jameson*

Jennifer Janecek

Jennifer Jennings

Josh King*

Malia King

Jeff and Kathy Kluck

Dawn & Mark Koopman

Clint & Sara Kreckman

Heather & Mike Kugel

Heidi Lang

Connie and Tom Lebakken

 Don and Julie Ledwidge*

Steve and Mary Lo

Rob LoBreglio

Beth & Todd Malcook

Paraj and Michelle Mandrekar

The Manicor Family

Sue and Ron Marsden

Cheryl McCorkle

Jon McCorkle

Alois McKarns

Angela & Will Meidl Mosare

Amy and Jake Mihm

Melissa and Dan Murphy*

Dean and Michelle Nelson

Nowka family

Jim and Sarah Schliem

Brian Outhouse & Renae Sieling*

Troy and Carrie Spilde*

 Troy & Kelly Pankratz

Chris and Sonja Patterson

Ric and Michelle Pearson

Gretchen and Bill Rehrauer

Mike & Kari Ritter

Jim & Paula Roberts*

Ann Rule

Beth Sailor

Rob & Jodi Schmidt

 Craig & Erin Schoenecker

Jim and Jessica Schrimpf

Krysten and Mac Schroeder 

Cara & Lee Schwartz*

Stephanie Schwarz

Chris & Renee Schwass

Ali Sieren

Chris and Francine Smith

Cris & Catherine Stang*

Molly Stevenson

Shelley Swenson & Ron Klaas*

The Tanner Family

Terry and Karen Taylor

Scott and Caroline Templeton

Mike and Melanie Tomlinson

Ginger Valiska

Erik & Wendy Vandermause

Brenda & Jeff Vondra 

Jeff & Heidi Walter

Adam, Dana, Addison and Breckin Wamsley

Stacey Whalen

Clark and Marsha Wilson

Randy and Kalla Wirtz

Bryan and Jana Woodhouse*

Lisa Yeakley*


* Families who gave an extra donation to the Boosters. 

Maggie Ast

Wendie Bartelt

 Lori Bell

Mr. & Mrs. B Berg

Andrea & Kirk Blader

Shelley Block

Eddie Brognano

Corrie and Kris Burmeister

Bruce and Amy Cram

Mason Diercks

BE Adventurous Travel

Kevin & Maggie Gasner

Amy and Craig Gates

Chad and Adria Gladden 

Ghostley-Leutenegger Family

Wendy Graf

Tina Halverson

David & Sandy Hanke

Kevin and Julia Hayde

Diana and Brian Hutchinson

Nick & Jen Kramer

 Philip and Darcelle Krause

 Mark Lindloff

Kevin and Julie Mandli

Karl and Karen Martin

Rob and Abby Meyers

Brian and Jennifer Moore

Dawn Mueller

Bruce and Cathy Nelson

Jill & Jeff Rau

Tracey & Jim Rosemeyer

Lauri Saunders

Nicole and Tom Schaefer

Ben & Shana Schwarz

Joan and Joe Sommers

Brian Swenson

Heather Thomas

Sharon Trochlell

Gus VanderWegen